Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Heres some footage of aaron sweeney,antiz rider and og ktown lurker


Heres new ktown lurker "american ben" winning the slam of the week award.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Drunken posting.....

well today has been very eventfull,it all started when i got out off bed....obv.i headed into ktown to meet doug and as matt r wasnt out today i decided to bring the "blog cam".after meeting doug at the curvy benchs (refer to last posting) we decided to hit up the new "winter spot" that lil tommy found.
After a drop down training sesh we moved to sb's (sainsburys) where you will find most ktown lurkers when the parks closed.

we got bored (high and drunk) at sb's then decided to hit up the 3up 3down at john lewis.

it was a good sesh here and many'a things went down including a fakie cab flip my doug and a bs 360 by bam.

most people went home but the og's (alchoholics) stayed for fun times.

we randomly met a homeless guy on a boat and decided to "sail" up stream to surbiton,this plan faild as water started leaking in.we all got off the boat 10 mins later and parted ways,check out the photos of the night and said spots.

Talk sh#t tuesday.......

ok so when the kingston lurkers are not skating were talking a whole lot of sh#t heres some for your viewing pleasure

Monday, 26 October 2009

Another from matts phone!

heres alex lally aka bam aka no-berg with some blunt spins

matt's phone mondays!

as you can probably gather from the title its monday and heres a clip from matt's phone,and if i dont start getting slack expect one every monday.

heres doug with some nollie inward heel steez