Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Well today was was a very strange day for me,after waking up overly hung over i got a call from Aemen of THE RUSKINS who was hatching up a plan to do something crazy at big brother.We got there and still didnt no what we where going to do but we new we where going to do something.........I was told to cause a diversion then what happend was seen by most of the nation.

Heres what unrealityt.v had to say...

The most entertaining part of tonight’s Big brother eviction show, was the part when a fan tried to jump onto the stage – right in the middle of Vanessa Feltz’s exit interview.

We were yawning our way through the highly predictable question and answer session, when suddenly Davina leapt out of her seat and reached past Feltz. It was like a scene out of the Bodyguard movie!

In the background we could see a young man (well it looked like a man) dressed in red, jumping the security barrier before being pushed to the ground by two burly guards.

Davina sat back down and breathlessly exclaimed:

I thought he’d fallen off but actually, round of applause, this man was making a break to give you a hug. You have a crazed fan

Vanessa tried to bring the topic of conversation back to herself and started to wax lyrical about her lack of a game-plan or agenda, but McCall just couldn’t keep her mind on the job.

She laughed:

‘Everything’s fine. He’s been taken out. Well not like literally taken out, he’s still alive and I just wanted to let you know that!’

We’re just sad that the enthusiastic individual didn’t make it onto the stage….we think Vanessa could have knocked him out with one big belly bounce!

Well as you can see in this vid Aemen did make it to the stage...........