Friday, 20 November 2009


A few days ago ktown lurkers/three amigos went to possibly the best place in the world! the exact locatoin is a tightly kept secret but i can assure you the place is a dream come true on my behalf.Deep in the heart of surrey lies a pub but not just any pub,this pub has a secret garden and in this secret garden lies a perfect mini ramp! Beers, pork scratchings and a lot of shredding can only be a good thing.Here are some photos and there will be and edit up shortly if maddison gets work on!


Well as you can see talk sh#t tuesdays and slam of the week are late but for very good reason,the reason is the amount of high grade around the ends.....
now this verbal doo doo was spoken on a monday night at the mill and anyktown lurker will tell you its a POUND A PINT on mondays so get hype! slam of the week is also taken from the same night and i spoke so much shit that i can save some hype talk,chatting up attempts and genral drunkan antics for next weeks talking shit....

Monday, 16 November 2009


This monday im going to treat you with some of adskis gnarly-ness,here he is with a gap to fs lip.RAD.